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Ng Su Yee

Chief Technical Officer

Age: 49 years

Nationality: Malaysia


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), University of London, United Kingdom
  • Senior Management Development Programme, Harvard Business School

Working Experience and Occupation

Su Yee did her pre-registration pharmacy training in CE Harrod Chemist, an independent retail pharmacy in London from 1990 to 1991. Upon her return to Malaysia, she joined Ekim Trading, a Bumiputra tendering agent in Kuala Lumpur as a Pharmacist in 1992. She commenced her industrial career in Glaxo Malaysia (now GSK) in 1993 as Production Pharmacist and was later promoted to Section Manager overseeing pharmaceutical manufacturing. Su Yee joined the CCM Group in June 1997. Over the years, she has led various disciplines of plant operations. Su Yee was appointed as the Chief Manufacturing & Technical Officer on 1 January 2012. On 1 January 2016, she was appointed as the Chief Technical Officer overseeing Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Technical Support, Product Improvement, Central Purchasing, Medical & Clinical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and the Group’s Manufacturing Strategy.

Su Yee is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society. She is also a member of the Executive Council of Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries (“MOPI”) and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (“ISPE”) Malaysia Affiliate.

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Ng Su Yee Chief Technical Officer
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Noor Azwah binti Samsudin Company Secretary, Group Company Secretarial
Wan Aishah Idris Muhamad Idris Head of Group Integrity & Assurance/Group Internal Auditor
Anita Esa Head, Group Risk Management

Last updated : 27 Apr 2017

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